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 Patricia Hilliard.
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Go To Liberty
inspired by my experiences as an activist, volunteer and seasonal employee of Liberty State Park, I created this novel with an environmental theme, the novel,
Go To Liberty
discusses issues in regard to the environment, parks and what parks and nature mean to people. 

The novel shows the lives of two women.  Young Eva Kaufman, who is trying to find her identity in life and Amanda Walters, who is an old park activist still keeping a watchful eye on the park she helped to create. They come together to defend their park from aggressive Barbara Harrison and the B&L Foundation's ambitious plan for developing the park.

Go To Liberty was published Feb. 10, 2014 with iUniverse as a paperback, ebook and hardcover. It was entered in the Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books and became a 2015 Montaigne Medal Finalist for thought provoking works.  

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--Patricia Hilliard 

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