Author Bio: Patricia Hilliard

             Author of 
        Go To Liberty


Patricia Hilliard was born 1951 in Canton, Ohio. Moved to New Jersey in 1986 and married Mike Ruscigno of Brooklyn, NY on January 10, 1992. Both were active in the labor, tenant and environmental movement. Hilliard attended Thomas Edison State College and graduated in 2004 with an Associate of Arts degree. 

Hilliard’s novel, Go To Liberty, was inspired by her experiences as a volunteer, park activist and seasonal employee of Liberty State Park in NJ. The story is about four women and what they do to save their park from over-development. It raises many environmental issues. “I like to take current issues and depict them in fiction to get a discussion going about how we can save our planet, one park at a time.” Hilliard said. The book is categorized as Women’s Literature with an environmental theme and is published by 

Hilliard also wrote the non-fiction Wild Birds in the Parks of Hudson County that was published in 2006 for Hudson County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development. She is one of the founding members of the Bayonne Nature Club that has led bird walks and shoreline clean-ups in Bayonne, NJ.     Her historical novels, One Pledge Unspoken and Making Changes, were based on her experience as a student anti-war activist and union organizer. Her new book, Mystery of Quercus Gardens, is based on her experience as a tenant organizer.

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