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Young Eva Kaufman is trying to find her identity in life. She wants to do something for the greater good. Amanda Walters is an old park activist still keeping a watchful eye on the park she helped create. They come together to defend the park from aggressive Barbara Harrison and the B&L Foundation's ambitious plan to develop the park.  Meetings get noisy, protests erupt, a fire breaks out! All this to save a park. Will the community win protection for it's park or lose the trees and meadows to the developer? 

This novel was inspired by my experiences as an activist, volunteer and seasonal employee of Liberty State Park.   
--Patricia Hilliard 

Mystery of 
Quercus Gardens:

It was bad enough that the tenants felt threatened by the landlord, but rumors were spreading . . . there was a murder!  Beth Murphy wanted to know, who would be next?

This novel twists and turns through the many experiences of organizing tenants in a five acre complex with over 200 apartments and a murderer on the loose!
Here are two of my most popular novels!